Create a fair cryptocurrency that is a global means of payment and a fair global infrastructure for tokenized apps, economies and communities.

Our Core Values

The Spacemesh community is committed to collaboration in striving for the optimal balance among: Fairness (to the little guy/girl), Security, Fair Distribution, Scalability, Innovation, Unity (measures to mitigate hard forks), Inclusiveness, and Tolerance.


To us, fairness means 1. the ability for anyone, anywhere, to participate in the network and generate economic returns for themselves and their family using existing, consumer-grade hardware and without the need for excessive capital expenditure; and 2. no economies of scale (or, diseconomies of scale) for mining pools, "whales," and other professional mining operations.

Product Plan

  • Lower the barrier to entry for participation and always be fair to the little guy/girl joining the network from home.
  • Use a homogenous and a highly distributed global resource (i.e., storage) to ensure fair distribution of coins and a high degree of decentralization.
  • Commit to the fairest possible transaction fees and a subsidy policy to support some free transactions.
  • Be attractive to developers building app-based economies by focusing on scalability, security, programmability and low transaction fees.
  • Build robust smart contracts and custom token capabilities, potentially with bytecode compatibility with Ethereum and other popular platforms.

Coin Distribution Plan

  • Coin distribution plan and Smeshing (mining) rewards set such that a supermajority of coin is distributed via validators. No public ICO.
  • No capped coin supply so new validators can always join the network and participate in rewards.
  • High inflation rate in first few years to make it attractive for Smeshers (miners) to join the Spacemesh network.

Governance Setup

  • Establish a Foundation, Association, or other independent governance institution accountable to Smeshers and other network participants.
  • This institution maintains an independent, full client implementation and appoints a core dev team to maintain it. Meaningful participation in governance via "dev skin in the game."
  • This institution has treasury management responsibilities and is mandated to only allocate coins to further the tech, economy, and community.

Core Use Cases

  • Create the platform to make Spacemesh coin (Smesh) the trusted global means of payment, with a high degree of coin and network distribution and low transaction fees.
  • Create an open, general-purpose infrastructure For Technologists, Economists and Community Developers to collaborate in forming different ‘economunity’ tokens, governance models, policies, and bylaws.

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