• We are focused on growing the core dev team. We now have 3 full time developers and 3 researchers on the team, and we are actively hiring and interviewing new candidates. We have several open positions in our TLV HQ and beyond
  • The core dev team is busy working on implementing the Spacemesh protocol and the Spacemesh node p2p infrastructure (peer discovery, gossip, etc...) We work in the open and in go-lang. Follow our progress on the go-spacemesh github repo



  • Our research team is working on the fine details of the Spacemesh protocol and its security proofs. These details and proofs are going to be published in our next white paper and via academic publications later this year
  • We are actively researching the Spacemesh smart contracts VM, programming language and developers toolchain

Product and Design

  • We have clarified and named our Roadmap Milestones and expended the Spacemesh MVP1 requirements
  • We have published the specs for the Spacemesh Cosmic Seed - an open source universal app starter kit that is going to be used as the seed for the Spacemesh App and we have started to work with open source contributors on both projects
  • We have published the initial requirements and UX for the Spacemesh App - The Spacemesh full node dashboard and Spacemesh Wallet. The minimal wallet will enable people to pay with Spacemesh Coins and to interact with Spacemesh smart contracts and tokens

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