Spacemesh is a fairly mined cryptocurrency which is permissionless, trustless secure and race-free. Spacemesh is built and distributed as a full open source project and all software work done for Spacemesh is contributed to the world as a commons under a permissive software license.

To get a full sense of the project's motivation, vision and scope, please read this intro blog post, watch or listen to Spacemesh – The Space-Time Consensus Blockchain, Proof of Space Time and Better Decentralization and explore our github repos.

Come and innovate with us at the forefront of the next major tech disruption - programmable Internet money via decentralized consensus on computations.

The project is led by the Spacemesh core development team which includes developers who are committed full-time to the project as well as part time open source contributors and collaborators.

Want to grab our attention?

Start contributing to one of our open source projects - pick an open issue, work on it and make a PR!

Open Source Contributors and Collaborators

We are actively looking for contributions and welcome all support, large and small. Anyone can contribute to Spacemesh via Github.

We also welcome anyone who is willing and able to make a serious time commitment to the project to join our core development team. We recommend that candidates start by first making code contributions to the project.

To get started head over to our Github project - read the wiki, browse the code, look at the open issues and read our contribution guide. For a better understanding of our protocol, check out the protocol guide.

Feel free to introduce yourself, ask questions and get involved via our Discord Dev Discussion Channel, where our dev team is active daily.

Open Source Contributor Compensation

  • We believe in compensating contributors and collaborators for their open source contributions.
  • We provide full compensation to collaborators who work full time on the project.
  • We are experimenting with bounties for contributors and we plan to announce additional compensation plans in the near future.
  • We are using Gitcoin for compensating contributors with Ethereum cryptocoins for some open issues.
  • To get started see our list of [funded issues].(

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