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description {

Spacemesh is a fairly mined cryptocurrency which is permissionless, trustless, secure and race-free. Spacemesh is built and distributed as a full open source project and all software work done for Spacemesh is contributed to the world as a commons under a permissive software license. The full-time team designing and developing Spacemesh includes 20 of the most experienced, passionate, diligent researchers and software engineers in the world.

To get a full sense of the project's motivation, vision, and scope, please read this intro blog post, watch or listen to Spacemesh – The Space-Time Consensus Blockchain, Proof of Space Time and Better Decentralization, and explore our Github repos.

Come and innovate with us at the forefront of the next major tech disruption, programmable Internet money via decentralized consensus on computation.

Join a small but able team of passionate software developers whose mission is to build a Spacemesh Rust client which fully implements the Spacemesh protocol.

Our team is experienced, our software is based on rigorous academic protocol research and we are well-funded by blockchain-savvy investors such Metastable, Polychain, Slow Ventures, 1kx, Electric Capital, and Coinbase Ventures.

This is your dream job if you share our vision about decentralized platforms as the most important technology we need to build today to enable a better future for all of us and if you are looking to work on hard and interesting computer science problems.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package and a great no-BS dev-first startup work environment: we don't just say it, we mean it. Come work in a flat, open organization where each team member is accountable to their peers for major platform components, participates as an equal in all design discussions, and also works closely with the broader open source community.

This is a full-time position at the Spacemesh NYC offices. Remote employment at this time is unlikely.


must haves {

> Fast learner, able to quickly learn applicable complex and new technologies (cryptography, distributed systems, Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanisms, etc.)

> Possess a combination of exceptional algorithmic/theoretic CS skills, strong hands-on system programming skills and the mentality and capability to start writing production-quality code quickly

> Experienced with handling complex problems

> B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent


nice to haves {

> Prior work experience (not necessarily in the blockchain space)

> Successful participation in programming competitions

> Familiarity with blockchain tech

> Some knowledge of the Rust programming language

> Participation in open source projects

> Experienced with designing and developing network protocols

> M.Sc. in Computer Science

> Familiarity with applied cryptography

> Real-world C++ programming experience


responsibilities {

> Work on coding a Spacemesh full node in Rust

> Own the design, implementation and maintenance of client software components

> Work closely with other developers on the team and with the Spacemesh research team on the design of Spacemesh infrastructure

> Code review and coordinate open source code contributions


our dev-first benefits {

> Competitive salary

> Comprehensive insurance (medical/dental/vision) and a 401K plan

> Flexible and generous vacation policy

> We share meals every day

> Commuter benefits

> We encourage continuous learning! Take online dev courses, browse our Safari tech library, and attend dev conferences

> MBP or a strong desktop? Linux or OS X? Choose the work equipment that makes you most productive. We also provide noise cancelling headphones for maximum focus, big screens and a quiet work environment


// Is this you? Reach out to us at nyc@spacemesh.io.


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