//A Fresh Start

We welcome you to a new genesis of the Spacemesh open public testnet, Tweedledee. We’ve migrated our testnet managed nodes to a new cloud infrastructure, which required us to launch a new genesis.

We’re having a release party to celebrate! DJ Fuzzy Logic will spin two hours of live music, and team members will be available on discord to answer any questions! Join us today at 4:30 UTC.

//A New Build

We have a new release of the Spacemesh application and the Spacemesh full node to go along with the new genesis. We’ve fixed some p2p issues reported by testnet users such as the app not able to connect to the p2p network. There are additional fixes and a suite of improvements. Release and installation notes can be found here.

//A Growing Community

Our community is heating up! Our discord server now has over 400 members, with community members contributing time and effort to improve the experience for everyone.

//Showing Our Gratitude

We want to show how thankful we are to those of you who have already helped us by joining the testnet, our community, or both. Click below to see how!

//Join Team Spacemesh!

We are looking to grow the core dev team with remote / WFH members. If you are a strong Go developer who wants to work full time on Spacemesh then please check out this open position.

Thank you for reading, and keep on smeshing!